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Scarlett Johanssen and Ryan Reynolds Tie the Knot!

Scarlett Johanssen, 23 and Ryan Reynolds, 31 who were together since Spring 2007, got married this past Saturday at a private ceremony at a wilderness resort in Vancouver, Canada, home to Ryan. They announced their engagement this past May and it is the first marriage for both. Scarlett's extremely excited to now be able to cross the border easier.

Stay tuned for wedding photos.



Twins for Jenna and Tito

As the trend continues, Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz are also having twins. There's got to be something in the water, because I highly doubt that they, of all people, conceived by IVF. They're ecstatic about it, according to Jenna's myspace page.

Current mood: ecstatic

Yes everyone, I can officially confirm that Tito and I are expecting twins! I had my second ultrasound today and was greeted by two big healthy babies with pounding hearts. I can’t even express the extreme serenity that came over me once I saw my children inside me. It has been my dream to have children for an exremely long time, and I truly feel like finally… the time is right and god has blessed me. I have never felt more like a woman, or more alive.

Tito is happier than I have ever seen him, it is so fulfilling to see him so proud. He looked me in the eye today after our doctors appointmet and said “I’m the luckiest man on earth… thank you for having my babies”. I cried.

i have been spending my days on bedrest, not because it is doctor ordered… but because, I am so incredibly fatigued and nauseous. Its hard to drag myself out of bed some mornings, which is hard for me… since I am always so active! I have officially gained 7 pounds so far, and am planning on a lot more. I crave fruit by the gallon… ornages and pineapple are at the top of my list. Cereal at 3 am suits me every night!

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your unwavering support. It means so much to me, I don’t think you even know. There are a lot of nasty comments from insensitive people, but in my state of incredible happiness… It doesnt matter what they say!

I love all of you!


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Sex in the City DVD Launch

Sarah Jessica Parker and only 2 other leading ladies attended the Sex and the City: The Movie” DVD Launch Party at the New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street in New York City, last night. In attendance also was the writer, Candace Bushnel and funny man Mario Cantone.

I can't wait to see it on my big screen at home! Ladies night!!!


Dane Cook Celebrates His First Cover!

Dane Cook celebrates his Boston Common Magazine cover at Artists for Humanity EpiCenter. I cannot wait to see his new movie, "My best friend's girl", which was originally named “Bachelor No. 2″. He's voiced the teenage awkwardness he experiences while shooting love making scenes with big name actresses like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba:
“I’m much more introverted and shy, contrary to popular belief… You tend to go back to how you felt when you were in high school. Even though you’re professional actors, you come to those scenes wondering things like: Are you going to be mad if I kiss you? Do I put my hands on the small of your back or can I go lower? Is that too low? Can you draw a map of where I can touch you?”
I think he's adorable!!! I think he would be the best company for drinks, other than my bf of course.

"Eagle Eye" Premier in LA

Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Rosario Dawson, Kristin Cavallari, Billy Bob Thornton and pregnant Michelle Monaghan attending the "Eagle Eye" Premier in LA at Mann’s Grauman Chinese Theater.

Britney's New Song Dropped

New album "Circus" will debut on December 2 which is Britney Spears' birthday. But a new song has hit the internet called "Candy from Strangers". It sounds so much like her previous few songs, but then again that's her thing, gotta love it! Even Madonna's album wasn't so catchy!


Margaret Cho on Palin

Everyone tries to voice their opinion about the upcoming election. Here's what Margaret Cho's blog reveals on Sarah Palin:

At first I thought Sarah Palin was some kind of Republican pandering – a misguided attempt to woo Hillary voters over to the dark side, as if they believed women voters were so stupid that they would vote for anyone in skirt, but now I see that she is much, much worse.

I have nothing against hockey moms – I just don’t want to be one. If Sarah Palin had her way, she would take away that right not to be a mom. She wants to outlaw abortion – so to call her a feminist is as laughable as calling evangelicals ‘Christians.’ They shouldn’t have the right to call themselves Christian, for they have no Christ-like attributes. I am a feminist and a Christian – and when I see Sarah Palin – I see neither. And it is official. She is evil. I saw on Violet Blue’s awesome blog that Sarah Palin forced rape victims to pay for their own forensic exams.

This is serious and bad.

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Bud Light's 'Swear Jar' Wins Best Ad

Bud Light's 60-secord viral ad, "Swear Jar" wins Outstanding Commercial during The 60th Creative Arts Emmy® Awards.

It's a hilarious ad, too bad it's un-televised.


"Changeling" with Jolie and Malkovich

"Changeling" is a Clint Eastwood-directed film, based on a 1920s thriller about Christine Collins, played by Angelina Jolie, whose 9-year-old son is kidnapped.

Synopsis: When police return the boy to her, Christine claims he is not her son. She is then deemed an unfit mother when she confronts city authorities and corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department in order to find out the truth.

Jolie may earn yet another Oscar nomination, as the movie debuted to critical acclaim at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Jolie based the character after her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who died of cancer in 2007.

“My mother was very passive in many ways and very, very sweet, but when it came to her children, she was a lion,” Jolie has said. “So in many ways, Christine reminded me of my mom, and it was a way to kind of revisit my mother after her passing and spend time with her.”

Changeling opens in limited release on October 24.

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...as the nation unites in remembering thousands that died today seven years ago!

Kirsten Dunst Gets Political!

While in New York for fashion week, Kirsten Dunst has been telling the press candidly how she recently arrived back from the Democratic national convention. She was there to work on her own documentary project entitled "Why Tuesday", about why US presidential elections are held during the work week.

Kirsten is recovering from depression, after checking into Rehab earlier this year, and on her way for a comeback. Her new film, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, debuts soon and she's moving back to NYC after selling her LA home.

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Straight From the Donkey's Mouth

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called ‘change,’ it’s still going to stink. After eight years, we’ve had enough of the same old thing. It’s time to bring about real change to Washington and that’s the choice you’ve got in this election.”

- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday

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TREND.i.e. Poshs' New Pixie Cut

Pixie Cuts here we come. Now that Victoria Beckham revealed a new do, at Marc Jacob's Fashion Week show, be ready to see some after effects with everyone sporting them, after they all criticize it. I loved her cut before, but it was very limiting. This one is great for a change, and she can play around with it a lot more. Black is fierce on her too!

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Just Because....

I can't tell you how much I want to see Marc Anthony live in concert! He's not only amazing and passionate, but he's one of those singers, who becomes exceedingly more and more attractive as he sings. I like him so much, that I actually liked the movie El Cantante with his wife, Jennifer Lopez and it wasn't even that great. As my friend Maria said, the title should have been La Esposa del Cantante (The Wife of the Singer).

These photos are from his concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida yesterday.

Fashion Week Launch Parties & Events

Your essential Fashion Week Party guide...
1. Fashion Rocks @ Radio City Music Hall (Sept. 5, 8 p.m.) Beyoncé, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. - For the chance of seeing Anna Wintour get her groove on.

2. Agent Provocateur/Lingerie Miami Cocktail Party @ Downtown Cipriani (Sept. 6, 7–9 p.m.) Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe: In lingerie.

3. Intermix's Fifteenth-Anniversary Party @ The Bowery Hotel (Sept. 6, 9 p.m.) DVF, Proenza Schouler, the Olsens, and more are all hitting the private dinner at the Bowery beforehand.

4. Alexander Wang After-Party @ Cortlandt Alley (Sept. 6, 10 p.m.) Rumored to have a top-secret musical guest.

5. Rosa Cha After-Party @ 1Oak (Sept. 6, 10 p.m.) Vogue is co-hosting so expect designers, editors and lots of models.

6. Calvin Klein's 40th-Anniversary Party @ The High Line (Sept. 7, 8 p.m.) Eva Mendes.

7. William Rast After-Party @ Roseland (Sept. 7, 9 p.m. (after fashion show) Justin Timberlake

8. L'Uomo Vogue Party @ Barneys (Sept. 7, 6–8 p.m.) All the international Vogue editors in one room!

9. Purple Magazine Party @ Charles (Sept. 7 Night) Purple is the coolest fashion magazine out. Plus, current cover girl Kate Moss may stop by.

10. Chanel/Vogue Party @ UNKNOWN (Sept. 10, 7:30) Karl! Keira Knightley! It's for the premiere of Knightley's flick The Duchess. Hosted by Karl.

Bryant Park (Sept. 5-12) If you can’t get enough, (or can’t get in) just lurk around the tents at Bryant Park.

image by Patrick McMullan
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NY Fashion Week 2009

Early September in NYC is probably the most exciting time for me. Not only is the weather perfect as can be, but Fashion Week is in town!!! It brings me back to when I worked at Bumble and bumble a few years back and helped coordinate shows during this busy season, running around, meeting people and best of all...watching the catwalk and the front seat elites!

I'll try to post as many pre- and post-show photos. The 2009 Spring Collections will run September 5 - 12, so stay tuned for the exciting new designs and celebrity shots.



Fiance of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, came out to watch his future mother-in-law, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, at last night’s Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Bristol’s baby bump is starting to show and she was sporting a ring (engagement ring?) on her left hand. Baby daddy also showed his permanent devotion by tattooing “Bristol” on his left ring finger.

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Which Will YOU Watch on Sunday...



Just a Thought!

Do you also find it odd that it's the Democrats saying the Republican Vice President candidate, Sarah Palin, can't be simultaneously a mother, grandmother and vice president, while getting the ultimate support from the Right?

*By asking this question I'm not at all stating I'm picking one over the other.

Voice Yourself, I'm interested to hear your thoughts...

(this image was photoshopped, however she was photographed for Vogue, so stay tuned.)


Kevin Spacey's Coming out Shots

Quite incriminating photos came out of Kevin Spacey and another guy. Although this could be a spur of a drunken moment in Croatia, but what straight guy would pull on another man's pants. Either way, he's having a gay ol' time!!!


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