Dane Cook Celebrates His First Cover!

Dane Cook celebrates his Boston Common Magazine cover at Artists for Humanity EpiCenter. I cannot wait to see his new movie, "My best friend's girl", which was originally named “Bachelor No. 2″. He's voiced the teenage awkwardness he experiences while shooting love making scenes with big name actresses like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba:
“I’m much more introverted and shy, contrary to popular belief… You tend to go back to how you felt when you were in high school. Even though you’re professional actors, you come to those scenes wondering things like: Are you going to be mad if I kiss you? Do I put my hands on the small of your back or can I go lower? Is that too low? Can you draw a map of where I can touch you?”
I think he's adorable!!! I think he would be the best company for drinks, other than my bf of course.

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