Patients Would Date Their Doctors

Doctors and Patients have a special relationship, that's no surprise. But often when the patient leaves, there's always another patient for the doctor around the corner. The patient however, admires the doctor because they're gentle and kind, and make you feel better.

No wonder more than half of patients said they would date their doctor, according to vitals.com.


Karma is a B#$%#

Love this video!!! Anyone who has a dog, has played these tricks one time or another...but this one comes back to him!

funny animated gif

Windows vs Apple Year 1

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The ever continuing fued between Windows and Apple...I gotta say, there's something to this.

(photo source: 9gag.com)


Eat. Pray. Love. Movie Trailer

When I read the book, Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, I imagined it just the way it was filmed. The streets of NYC, the failed marriage, a misunderstood relationship, Italy, India and then finally Bali! Julia Roberts is the best actress to portray that emotional journey, and be believable in moments of joy, love and vulnerability.

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