NEWS.i.e. Do as I Say, Not as I Do

New York Times reports that 45,300 people were busted for weed in NYC from 1988 to 1997. From 1998 to 2007 the numbers shot up to 374,900. All due to the man who used to "enjoy it" himself.

DIRT.i.e. John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston Had a "Good Weekend"

John Mayer, 30, flew down to Miami to spend the weekend with Jennifer Aniston, 39, while she is filming Marley & Me with Owen Wilson. She's staying in a $3,000 a night suite at the Mandarin Hotel. When InTouch asked how he was doing after spending four days with his lady cougar, John smiled and responded, "My weekend was good."

Paula's Last Season!!!

Oh Paula!!! It's rumored she had a martini at lunch, or two or three. The problem is that she's probably on all these pain medications, and we all know they don't fuse well with alcohol.

I'm not even surprised she messed up, it's pretty much expected of her to say something like that, and sure enough she delivered. This will be followed up with a response and maybe even a trip to rehab!!!

Why Ruin a Good Thing!

What does Hollywood do best? Take something great and start doing remakes of it, until we can't stand the original. Why not leave a classic as is?

Fox is in talks of launching a new animated comedy. It's rumored to be a spin-off of everyone's favorite "Family Guy." The show will be called "Cleveland" and will focus on Griffin's slow-talking neighbor. The creator, Seth MacFarlane, has already scripted 13 episodes and it will air next Spring.

I'm excited to see it, but something tells me that Seth should have left it alone. We'll see!!!

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That's Just SOOO Wrong!!!

This man needs no introduction, the bandanna, white handlebar mustache and the leather skin give it away. It appears to be that he's rubbing down the lotion on his daughter's butt! My guess is the sun hit him pretty hard, and he couldn't tell which was his daughter and which was his girlfriend. Being that they look almost identical, I can see where he would make that mistake. I mean she's not 5 anymore, and can apply her own lotion. Gross!


NEWS.i.e - BK launching an £85 Burger

Is Burger King taking their royalty reference a bit far or is it just me? They're about to launch an £85 Burger in select locations in London. Of all places, that would be the perfect place to declare their premium credentials. But I guarantee it won't fly in America. Ingredients like wagyu beef and foie gras will ultimately sway some loyal lunch and dinner customers. After you realize it will cost $170, because of the currency conversion, enjoying a burger at BK's fast food establishment is not my idea of an expensive date on the town, nor is it "casual", as is their intent.

The driving force behind the initiative is to promote Burger King's offering as more premium than that of McDonald's.

This year it intends to position itself as a casual dining outlet and has taken inspiration from US themed chains such as TGI Friday's. It plans to roll out a number of exotic burgers using ingredients such as tiger prawns, steak and guacamole.

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Are You Travel Savvy? Play to Find Out!


Is that really him?

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is really Fred Durst. Only 37, he resembles someone much much older. I guess jail time will do that to you. He should continue to wear his red hat!!!


EDGE.i.e Hillary Chasing Whiskey Shots with Beer

It's so refreshing to see people acting so naturally and taking their guard down, especially when they could be the future President!!! Check out Hillary doing shots of whiskey and chasing them down with a mug of Beer. Apparently, she does this all the time with her campaign team in the evenings. I like her even more now!!! Team Hillary!!!


TREND.i.e - BoConcept Furniture Sale

What: BoConcept - 30-70% Furniture Sale
When: Saturday, April 12th from 10am—3pm
Where: BoConcept.com
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Make Mondays Happy by 1/2 Priced Drinks

The Volstead will host Drink Tastings at 1/2 off all drinks each Monday from 6:30-8:30.
What: The Volstead - 1/2 priced drinks
When: Every Monday
Where: 125 East 54th Street (between Lexington & Park Avenues), thevolstead.com


TREND.i.e - Kenneth Cole Clearance Sale

What: Kenneth Cole - 50% Clearance Sale
When: Now until it's taken off the site
Where: http://www.kennethcole.com

TREND.i.e - Prepping Up Olympic Athletes with Polo Ralph Lauren

To improve the image of America and their athletes, Polo Ralph Lauren has been selected to be the official "outfitter" of the US team at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, consisting of 1,500 athletes. The previous "outfitter," Canadian apparel company Roots Ltd. appeared too casual for official representation of United States, so they're upping the ante with preppy polos and vest sweaters.
The Wall Street Journal says that "The preppy styles Polo is making for the athletes to wear in the Opening and Closing ceremonies and in the Olympic Village will mark a departure from sporty outfits that the American team has worn in recent years, such as retro ski jackets inspired by vintage Ducati motorcycle ads that were worn in Turin, Italy, in 2006."

If it does prove successful and have a high revenue return, this initiative will be applied to the "Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, in 2010, the Summer Olympics in London in 2012, and beyond."

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NEWS.i.e Red Bull and Coke = Party!

Got a tip that Red Bull will be launching a line of Red Bull Colas in June for $1.49 a can. It will be debuted in Vegas, made available in bars, clubs, restaurants and stores and claims to be the purest carbonated drink out there.

"Unlike Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Red Bull Cola will be 100% natural and command a premium price. Its formula will consist of kola nut and coca leaf." - Brandweek

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TREND.i.e - Kooba Sale

Girls, don't miss this opportunity. Kooba is discounting their collection of handbags, shoulder bags and clutches. Being that this is my favorite line of bags, I'm so upset that it's during work hours and in mid-town. Try not to miss this sale if you can.

What: Kooba - Discounts on handbags, shoulder bags and clutches
When: Tuesday, April 8th through Friday, April 11th from 10am—6pm.
Where: 261 W 36th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, second floor

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Thoughts on Stop-Loss

Call it a breach of contract, involuntary servitude, or a backdoor draft, whatever way you look at it, soldiers are forced to put their lives in danger against their will. The movie Stop-Loss, had failed at the box office, attracting only vets to relive the frightful memories. But it succeeded at telling a real-life story of not only hundreds of thousands of soldiers who were stop-lossed, but of millions suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of this horrendous and pointless war.

Stop-Loss, a term applied to contracts across many fields. But in military terms, it means:
“Orders that authorize the military to suspend nearly all discharges, transfers, and retirements, and to retain soldiers at Army’s disposal. As troop strength is strained by activity in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of active-duty soldiers and reservists are forced to remain in uniform after fulfilling the terms of their contracts. Many could be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan for second or third tours of combat.” – Boston Globe

Three days after September 11th, and 11 times since, President Bush charged numerous troops back to duty, to avoid an unpopular draft. Either way, Bush is damned if he did, damned that he didn’t.

“The stop-loss policy is wrong; it runs contrary to the concept of the volunteer military set up in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.” NYTimes

Voice of America (VoA) states that “during the Vietnam War, a soldier only had to do one tour of duty. Soldiers today are sometimes sent back for three or four tours. So they're subjected to multiple threats to their livelihood.”

Something that the movie describes all too well, is the state of the soldiers returning from deployment, adjusting to civilian life, starting life from scratch because their services don’t translate well to cubicle environment. Some continue to sleep with their fan on, as they did in the bunkers to muffle the noise of bombs and helicopters, some react as drastically as they were taught, kill or be killed, and some lose perception of reality altogether.

VoA also adds that as a result of PTSD we’ll “see an explosion of domestic violence, homelessness, substance abuse, because there are no resources to take care of these soldiers when they come home. It's just not there."

Anyway, check out the movie Stop-Loss and see if you agree with the reviews:

Rolling Stone
Here's the first major movie of the new year that touches greatness, and damn if there isn't a curse hanging over it.

TIME Magazine
As a nation, we owe them more than they owe us -- as this painfully necessary and heartfelt movie makes abundantly clear.

Detroit News
There's a keen and ugly sense of anguish to Stop-Loss, a caged sense of powerlessness beyond political outrage that makes this film far and away the most effective effort yet at capturing the frustration of the war in Iraq.

New Yorker
Stop-Loss is not a great movie, but it’s forceful, effective, and alive, with the raw, mixed-up emotions produced by an endless war -- a time when the patriotism of military families is in danger of being exploited beyond endurance.

NEWS.i.e Bloom Offered Another Trilogy - Prince of Persia

If you didn't get enough of Orlando Bloom in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, you're in luck. He has just been offered $40Million to play the lead role in Disney's adaptation of the popular computer game, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, stretched out into a trilogy. The first of the series will be directed by Jerry Bruckheimer starting this July in Morocco.

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NEWS.i.e. Starbucks Brewing a Surprise for April 8th

TREND.i.e. - Gossip Girl Sale

What: Lorick - Wholesale prices on the chic dresses and separates made famous by TV show Gossip Girl
When: Saturday, April 5th from noon—6pm.
Where: 676 Broadway between Bond and Great Jones Sts, second floor (212-529-1407)

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American Idol Cast-off

Poor Ramiele Malubay went home this week, and rightfully so. Personally, she didn't listen to the judges, had poor song selections, lost her oomph after Hollywood week, and impressed NO ONE. However, whatever KLC - Kristy Leigh Cook is doing is unfortunately working. But I guess we'll see just how far middle America will take her. My bets are on Michael Johns, David Cook and Carly Smithson. That's when it'll be hard to see them go one by one...


NEWS.i.e. Let there be cellphones - Cuba

To everyone's surprise, Raul Castro of Cuba, is not as harsh as he was presumed to be. He's so cool, that he's letting his citizens to have the right to have a cellphone, if they can afford it. Not only that, but now you're allowed to have a microwave, DVD player, computers, and the right to stay at tourist hotels on the island. On a salary that averages $20 a month, I'm not sure how it's possible to afford such necessary products. However, it's the first step of loosening the tight restrictions, that makes people see the light at the end of the tunnel and welcome the change. It will take a whole lot more to fix Cuba, then a lift on a microwave.
"Cuba's government had previously forbidden the sale of consumer products under the argument that they consumed too much electricity." -CNN
Here are the opinions on this subject from major commentators:

The Miami Herald - Carlos Alberto Montaner
“Raúl understands the importance of material incentives” to make people work harder. But he will still “fail as a leader.” Brother Fidel just exercised his “permanent veto” over a “minor” proposal to facilitate Cuban travel abroad, and he will use it on other “sensible” reforms, too. The larger problem, though, is that Cuba’s economic system is “intrinsically unproductive.”

Investor’s Business Daily
Cellphones and toasters aren’t going to give Cubans what they really need. They need “real economic freedom.” Even poor people in India and Indonesia have access to “consumer technology,” because they have the “economic liberty” to earn real cash. Dangling generally unaffordable “consumer offerings” before the people is merely the act of “a new dictator seeking to win some popularity.”

The Atlantic - Matthew Yglesias
Allowing cellphones and other goods is "hardly the last word in fixing Cuba’s screwed-up economic system,” said . But it’s “certainly a step in the right direction.” In order to “alleviate the sorry conditions of the Cuban people,” however, the U.S. will have to “take a step in the right direction of our own” and lift at least part of our “draconian” embargo.
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American Idol Thoughts

As promised, I'm putting my two cents in on last night's episode of American Idol. Your views may differ, as this is not a scored competition but a popularity contest. But what bothers me most is how Paula is still on the show racking in the money. She has nothing to say, when in our hopes that she finishes one of the 5 sentences she starts to phrase, and then fails yet again, sticking with yet another "you look beautiful" to save her grace. Perhaps that's what America wants to hear, to be praised for mediocrity! And then there's Simon, who holds the show's talent credibility solely in his hands, and voices his harsh remarks like old school Europe, whipping it like a belt. It's when he unwillingly praises someone, that America knows to make extra votes for their Idol. I just hate when he gives fashion commentary, especially last night's awful and un-called-for remark on who's dressing Carly. That kind of talk will get the best singer on the show kicked off for what she wears... and he says it shouldn't be a popularity contest. Hypocritical in my opinion...

April 9th will be the Dead Duet with Mariah Carey and Marvin Gaye, performing “What’s Going On” during the Idol Gives Back special.

My bets are on Ramiele to go home... Even though it should be Kristy Leigh Cook.


NEWS.i.e. Esquire's 6 Steps to Better Sleep

If you get less than six hours of sleep a night, you're in trouble. You need sleep more than you need food. When you're always tired, you actually age faster than you should. Here is your new nightly routine. Sleep tight:
  1. * Dim the lights an hour before bedtime. This mimics sunset. Smack in the middle of your brain is something called the pineal gland. It releases melatonin, the hormone that readies the mind and body for sleep in response to lowered light levels.
  2. * If you've got things on your mind -- tomorrow's meetings, errands, that kind of thing -- write them down fifteen minutes before bed. This sweeps them out of your mind.
  3. * If you're still awake after fifteen minutes, get up and do something quiet, like reading a book. No Internet, no TV, no exercise. You have to let your body and mind slow down to be able to slip into sleep. If you just lie there thinking about how you're not sleeping, you'll never sleep.
  4. * Wake up at the same time every day. An hour extra on weekends is fine, but if you wake up at seven every morning during the week, then sleep until ten on weekends, you're effectively giving yourself jet lag. Monday morning, you'll feel like you just got off the red-eye from three time zones away.
  5. * A little chemical helps once in a while is fine. Not alcohol -- it actually interferes with the normal sleep cycle. But Benadryl or one of the combination OTC painkillers or sleep drugs can give you that little nudge into natural sleep. Just describe your symptoms in detail: From a pharmaceutical perspective, "can't fall asleep" isn't the same as "wake up in the middle of the night."
  6. * Sex.
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