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As promised, I'm putting my two cents in on last night's episode of American Idol. Your views may differ, as this is not a scored competition but a popularity contest. But what bothers me most is how Paula is still on the show racking in the money. She has nothing to say, when in our hopes that she finishes one of the 5 sentences she starts to phrase, and then fails yet again, sticking with yet another "you look beautiful" to save her grace. Perhaps that's what America wants to hear, to be praised for mediocrity! And then there's Simon, who holds the show's talent credibility solely in his hands, and voices his harsh remarks like old school Europe, whipping it like a belt. It's when he unwillingly praises someone, that America knows to make extra votes for their Idol. I just hate when he gives fashion commentary, especially last night's awful and un-called-for remark on who's dressing Carly. That kind of talk will get the best singer on the show kicked off for what she wears... and he says it shouldn't be a popularity contest. Hypocritical in my opinion...

April 9th will be the Dead Duet with Mariah Carey and Marvin Gaye, performing “What’s Going On” during the Idol Gives Back special.

My bets are on Ramiele to go home... Even though it should be Kristy Leigh Cook.

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Sonya said...

just for my 2 cents: brooke really bothers me, and here's why: she looks like she always wants to say something but can't quite get the words together...or like she drank 281203812038 red bulls and is trying to hide it--too fidgety. But that's just me.
GO DAVID COOK!! Hopefully his blood pressure goes down...

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