NEWS.i.e - BK launching an £85 Burger

Is Burger King taking their royalty reference a bit far or is it just me? They're about to launch an £85 Burger in select locations in London. Of all places, that would be the perfect place to declare their premium credentials. But I guarantee it won't fly in America. Ingredients like wagyu beef and foie gras will ultimately sway some loyal lunch and dinner customers. After you realize it will cost $170, because of the currency conversion, enjoying a burger at BK's fast food establishment is not my idea of an expensive date on the town, nor is it "casual", as is their intent.

The driving force behind the initiative is to promote Burger King's offering as more premium than that of McDonald's.

This year it intends to position itself as a casual dining outlet and has taken inspiration from US themed chains such as TGI Friday's. It plans to roll out a number of exotic burgers using ingredients such as tiger prawns, steak and guacamole.

via BrandRepublic

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