NEWS.i.e. Dunkin Donuts Finally Offers Soy Milk

From the beginning, I was never a big fan of Dunkin Donuts because they didn't offer Soy milk. Nor was I thrilled to shell out $5 for coffee at Startbucks, but they offered my Soy Caramel Mochiatta, a guilty pleasure, I'll admit. Well it turns out, Dunkin always had the option of offering Soy, they just decided to skimp out on such a luxury and so turned a lot of people off to Starbucks. Leave it to the Vegans to sort out the problem...
"Want Dunkin' Donuts to carry soy milk? Send a note to Dunkin' Donuts with your favorite locations and ask them to please carry soy milk - a source says soy milk is available for the franchise owner to order if s/he so wishes. Maybe before you know it, you will see one of these adorable "Now Available: Soy Milk" signs to greet you!"
via SuperVegan

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