It’s Always Sunny when They’re Back for 4th Season…

So my bf and I got totally hooked on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX. Netflix doesn't send their DVDs quick enough, we're so hooked!!! The best news all year is that Season 4 starts this summer, same time they'll release Season 3 DVD.

You've got to respect a show when the actors are the writers, directors and the creators, simultaneously. Especially when it's the kind of show IMDB gives a 9.6 rating out of 10. That’s pretty damn good for a sitcom these days!

They’re so amazing, they have a new show in the works. I only hope that means that season 4 won’t be their last. But the new show sounds promising:
"Boldly Going Nowhere," is set in the future and focused on the mundane world of a spaceship captain when he's not on a mission.

As "Sunny" creator Rob McElhenney explains: "We grew up watching shows like 'Star Trek,' anything having to do with the future, and it was always about the adventures they'd go on. We thought it would be funny to watch what goes on in between those adventures, when they're waiting for the next big thing to happen. How do they keep themselves busy?"

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