Jersey City: the 6th Borough of NYC

Being a city girl at heart, I never thought I would leave Manhattan once I got there. Well, overpriced shoe box apartments, carrying the dirt into my apt off those filthy streets, lack of closet space, boyfriend's car vandalized to pieces, among many other things, all really made me look at the big picture. So I started looking across the Hudson River. The harbor side of Jersey started to better and better and according to mapquest was just 1 mile away.

I started to explore something affordable in Hoboken and Edgewater, but being that these are the hottest spots of NJ's coast line, I decided, not yet. Mom and I went browsing one day with our hearts set on something clean in Jersey City. I failed to notice how huge it was, and so we circled the car within a cute 2 block radius, right next to the light rail, just to make the commute bearable. Then finding a rent-control, 1000 sq ft loft with NYC views and a walk in close, truly broke the deal and boyfriend, his vandalized car and myself moved into what's now considered the 6th borough of NYC. So you see, you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city away from the girl.

Here's the AM article capturing the best of JC.

Would love to hear your story if you battled the same scenario...

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