Baldwin on Kissing Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston had a guest appearance on 30 Rock, which proved to be the least watched episode of the season. However, what makes it even worse is how Alec Baldwin feels about kissing her on screen:
"It was painful," Baldwin sighed. "I mean, every man who's had to make out with her in TV and movies — I don't know how they do it."
Ouch! When he was asked whether "unstable women," are better in bed, referring to Aniston's role on 30 Rock, he replied:
"That's assuming I've been with crazy women," he said. "If I answer that question in the affirmative, that would type a woman I've been with as being crazy, which I don't really feel like doing. But I hear it's true. I hear from my friends it's true." These same "friends" also told him the theory might not hold for dudes, so insane men may not make better lovers, he speculated. "I will say this on the record," he said before fleeing. "I've never slept with a crazy man."
I wonder if John Mayer will hit back with a comment...he loves to blog, cat

via NYMagazine

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Anonymous said...

He was joking.

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