Stuntman Stabbed on Dexter Set

While filming Dexter, which is currently playing on Showtime, things got a bit more real than was expected. Dexter's new star, Jimmy Smits, while in character was supposed to stab a stuntman (Jeff Chase) in place of Dexter, with a plastic knife for killing his younger brother. Purely accidentally and in the heat of the moment, Smits grabbed a knife that was next to the plastic one, and plunged it into stuntman's chest. The problem was it just happened to be the real thing. Chase describes living through the moment:

"For the scene, I was bound in Saran Wrap, duct tape over my mouth. I couldn't say a thing as I saw Jimmy grab at the knife. He picked up the real one by pure mistake. It was a mean looking knife.

"I heard fellow actor Michael C. Hall yelling at Jimmy to stop - but it was too late. I felt the thud in my chest. I didn't have on a metal breast plate like a lot of actors do in a scene like that.

"Instead I had a piece of acrylic clear plastic about the size of a Post-it note over my heart. It was a quarter of an inch thick and not attacked. In eight out of 10 takes with the prop knife, Jimmy had missed the plastic. But by a miracle, an act of God, the knife landed at the very edge of the plastic.

"I really thought I'd been stabbed in the heart, but I didn't have a scratch. Jimmy was devastated and couldn't stop apologising. I told him, I felt more sorry for him than me."
Flashbacks of The Crow's Jason Lee's death come to mind. Why was there a real knife on the set to begin with!?!?!?!

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