Dexter to Kill Again and Again

Due to it's enormous success the past two years, Showtime has decided to keep Dexter on it's roster for 2 more seasons, 12 episodes each.

"Dexter's enormous success is a tribute to the great achievements of its cast, the producing team, the author of the original book [Jeff Lindsay], and the gifted Michael C. Hall," says Showtime president of entertainment Robert Greenblatt. "I thought at best we would attract adevoted cult audience but soon realized that, ironically, this show is so thematically rich and layered with humanity that audiences of all kinds have flocked to it."

Actor portraying Dexter, Michael C. Hall, has put on such a phenomenal act that is has been prasied as a two-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee. While the series itself was nominated this year for five Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series. I completely agree, it's amazing and we're hooked.

via TVGuide

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