Nicknames for Everyday Brands

1. Tar-zhay (Target)
2. Wally World (WalMart)
3. Mickey D's (McDonalds)
4. Whole Wallet (Whole Foods)
5. Needless Mark-up (Neiman Marcus)
6. Loud & Tacky (Lord & Taylor)
7. Northworst Airlines (Northwest Airlines)
8. US-Scare (US Air)
9. Four Bucks (Starbucks)
10. HoJo's (Howard Johnson's)
11. Golden Slacks (Goldman Sacks)
12. Taco Smell (Taco Bell)
13. FIAT = Fix It Again Tony


Luna said...

LOL... we call Taco Bell "Take Out Hell"... And don't forget... Jack in the Box is now Jack In The Crack (after that 1993 e coli scare!) :D

Margarita said...

Would you believe it, we don't have any jack in the box franchises here. My bf keeps telling me about them, I guess it's a west coast kinda thing. Now that I know that 1993 ecoli thing, I don't think I'll eat there if I ever see it.

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