Thank you all for visiting my site. As you can tell, I'm experimenting with a new look, and I hope you will like the updates. I would love to know what you think about the look, content and what you want more of. So let me know your thoughts!!!

All the best! Margarita


andy said...

because i view your site on my laptop my "window" views things from the top left and then, depending upon how much i want to open my window, i can view more of what's to the right and down.

the "new" stuff on your site is currently on the right-hand side forcing me to open the window—which blocks the rest of my desktop.

i'd prefer all the posting on the left-hand side requiring fewer steps.

your postings are great. very thorough and fun.

Margarita said...

Thank you Andy!! You're absolutely right and it's something that I will try to correct. I always welcome constructive criticism to improve the experience for you and a learning lesson for me. The other look was very elegant and clean, but I'm trying out a little oomph. Stay tuned for more experiments.

Andy said...

I like the oomph! the only thing i minded was the position of the postings, which you've now moved back to the left-hand side. Nice!

I'll get back to working on my own oomph now.

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