NEWS.i.e. Nip/Tuck will Return! with Madonna?

Rosie O’Donnell is hoping to persuade her friend, Madonna, to direct an episode of hit plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck.

This tells me two things, one is that Nip/Tuck will be back for another season, after it left us with a cliffhanger of Colleen, aka "crazy lady" stabbing one of the main character's to death.

The other, is that why do we keep listening to Rosie? I'm not sure having Madonna direct a very intricate show like Nip/Tuck, is a very good idea. There's a well developed storyline, that I'm quite certain, she's not fully engulfed in. It'll be too random or too Madonna like, and I'm not sure why I'm hating... But any true fan will not want her to meddle in the already gone to shit storyline, ever since they moved to Hollywood! Unless she can fix it.

Kelly Carlson, who plays Kimber, says:
“Madonna’s been approached because Rosie is on our show and they’re very good friends. I’ve begged the producers to get her on the show. She has such a great mind for stuff like this that I think she’d be a great director for an episode. I would also love to have Madonna on as a character.”

What's your opinion on Madonna directing or acting in the show?

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