TREND.i.e. - Coolest Fireplaces

(Carl Mertens-unicahome)

Living in city apartments my entire life, we never had a fireplace. I would always imagine warming up next to it on a freezing cold day and loved going to ski chalets for that exact reason. I've seen the fake kind used as a facade, where all you see is the frame which is supposed to host the wood for the fire. Now I'm living in a modern loft apartment and started thinking of ways to install an electric one with a remote control. Little did I know, there are some sexy designs out now. Here are a few affordable choices, apartment dwellers have to cuddle up next to the fire with a good book and hot cocoa. Chimney is not required and it will take little to no installation.
(Christophe Pillet for Planika)

(radius design)


(coolest gadget)

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