T.P. lines the walls of the Subway

Maybe because it's so smelly in the subway, Cottonelle's advertising has branched out to line the walls of the subways. As a commuter myself, I vouch for the fact that subway advertising is one things you tend to look at, just to avoid the angry and exhausted morning faces of other commuters. According to the photographer of the advertising campaign, Will Femia, "This car on the S train was done entirely, walls and all, to look like it was lined with toilet paper. Ick." I only hope no one actually takes it literally and tries to test it out...

via racked


baba's second design said...

HA! I just saw these adverts on the bus today. I'm actually digging the weave design on that train. I agree with you Margarita, NY is certainly smelly enough without Cottonelle suggesting things!

Margarita said...

HAHAHA that's for sure!!! I don't think it's a bad hint though to the city people. Imagine if they had a cleaning crew work just once a month. It would sparkle!!!!

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