Voted "Worst Food in America"

Men's Health has awarded Outback's Aussie Cheese Fries, officially the "Worst Food in America." Something that consciously you know you shouldn't order, but in a given moment you promise yourself to work out all day, every day, starting next week. Perhaps knowing the facts about these lethal slices of potato, you'll think twice next time. But they're ohhhh so good, and a salad just doesn't cut it.

So the facts that constitute this appetizer as the worst thing to order:
  • 2,900 calories
  • 182 g fat
  • 240 g carbs

The problem is not just the cheese fries alone. The problem is that it's only an appetizer, followed by a full course meal and then dessert. Need I say more?

Check out Men's Health for the Top 20 worst food list, and their suggested alternatives.

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russian11 said...

Oh my god.... are you thinking what i'm thinking...mmmmmmmmmmm

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