UFO landed in CT

Check out this round house on the market for $2.3 mil. Looking like a UFO from near and far, it's got 360 degree views, purposely created by architect Robert T. Foster to take in the serene views of trees, rollings hills and the lakes.
“Totally renovated in 2005, “The Round House” is completely walled in glass and floats 12 ft. off the ground rotating around 360 degrees.” - Real estate broker, Barbara Cleary
(as posted on curbed.com)


Anonymous said...

holly, wow. you know who would look abslutely great in that house. nope, not your sister...haha... us, i think that's my new dream house and i love the happy place around it. but wait, where's the garage????? :(

m.s. said...

It floats 12 ft above the ground, so there's no garage, which means no clutter. But it is sexy, and less than an hour from NYC, best of both worlds.... :)

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