Hobokenites not interested to live on Manning St.

Hoboken residents are not interested to live on Manning St. There's mixed opinions whether he even deserved the MVP award after he defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl. However, the Mayor of Hoboken is convinced he's a true hero and wants to go as far as naming a street in his honor.
Mayor David Roberts of Hoboken, N.J., told the New Jersey Star Ledger that the city is kicking around the idea of renaming a city street after New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, a Hoboken resident. But residents are divided on the idea, with some saying Manning’s leading one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history and being named MVP doesn’t justify such an action.
Here's what the people are saying...

“Kudos to him, but it’s not worth renaming the street,” Marcia Pribylovsky said.

Kinga Burke, a resident in the building where Manning lives, was also opposed.

“Just because he lives in town?” she said. “I think it’s too much, it’s ridiculous. He’s not a historical person.”
I'm team Peyton on this one!

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