The age of the Terminator...

...Is closer than you might think. As always, the military gets all the new super gadgets. It was the internet at one point, exclusive for their purposes. As controlled as it seems to be now out in the public, there are things and people that just cannot be controlled or trusted with such advanced technology.

Now the army has spent over $50m to developed an Exoskeleton Suit that allows for superhuman qualities once you step into it. Geared to protect and assist the wearer, and turn him into superman.
While American soldiers get in shape stateside-- with a slew of aerobic exercises, a soldier of the future could soon be seen on the battlefield. It's called an exoskeleton and by stepping inside this robotic exterior-- a soldier can easily perform feats that years ago could only be seen in science fiction movies.

(see the video)
It's very exciting that the age of the Terminator is so real and so near. It won't be long before "Arnold" walks onto the street and saves a little girl that's about to be run over, or stops that pocket book thief dead in his tracks.

Imagine when these babies will become available to the public...

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